Reach your Cloud 8 with our Water-Soluble Beverage Enhancers

Our water-soluble beverage enhancers provide you the most efficient way to consume Hemp-based extracts.  Three flavor options and four sizes offer flexibility in for your needs.  Try them for yourself and realize the benefits of our unique formulations and reach your Cloud 8!

Why use Water Soluble Beverage Enhancers

Our unique water-soluble technologies come with proven efficacy from actual bioavailability studies.  Data shows that these formulations are 2.5x more bioavailable than standard tinctures and have a rapid onset of 15min to feel the effects.

How to include Beverage Enhancers into your daily routine

With three flavor options that cover all your needs: Sweet Wildberry Lemonade, Savory Cinnamon, and Unflavored.  These are ready to dose into any beverage you consume throughout the day including coffee, soda, waters, and teas!