Cloud 8 and Nano Technology Solutions’ COVID-19 Response

We are proud to join other small businesses and partners around the country in producing and sourcing ethanol-based hand sanitizer and respiratory products to help meet the demand in our communities.

Guidance from state and federal government has made it possible for us to produce hand sanitizer in order to meet the needs of industry and the general public. We are offering an 80% alcohol formulation approved by the World Health Organization, available in sizes from 2oz bottles up to a 5 gallon refill dispensers.


How We Meet the Demand

Our team has worked very hard over the last two months to redirect our production and supply-chain resources towards the sourcing and bottling of hand sanitizers and face masks.  We have supplied all levels of need from individuals, families, retail, manufacturing, and large contracts.  Our goal is to provide a solution that fits everyone’s needs in these uncertain times.


Our Promise

Our dedicated sourcing team and hard-working employees have worked tirelessly to provide fair price points to help everyone gain access to the protective equipment they need.  Please feel free to reach out to our team to see how we can help you, the community, or your organizations.