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Founded in Detroit, Michigan in 2019, the Cloud 8 team began its journey in the processing and biotechnology sectors. We researched hemp processing technologies to increase absorption rates and bioavailability while simultaneously establishing data for safe and effective consumption.

While working to perfect the science behind nutrient delivery, Cloud 8 recognized an opportunity to provide value to consumers of hemp infused products. Cloud 8 leveraged existing relationships with the top hemp cultivars across the country to develop and supply hemp-based products at industry leading value.

Today, Cloud 8 is a trusted source of hemp-based solutions. Our time in the lab provided unmatched insight into safe and reliable hemp-infusions that we can now share directly with you. With Cloud 8, you never have to worry about the hemp you put into your body.

We’re not slowing down anytime soon. Every week, our supply chain and distribution network grows, helping us roll out new and innovative products at affordable prices. Our mission is to invigorate our community by giving back and making sure hemp-based solutions are available to anyone and everyone in need of some bliss.

What is reaching my Cloud 8?

We’ve all heard of that glorious moment or feeling of being on Cloud 9… we also know how infrequent and hard it is to stay their with the daily realities of stress, business, and relationships. With this in mind, our products have been developed to give you that felling of contentment in the moment, at the end of the day, or at the weekend get together. We don’t promise you’ll reach cloud 9, but we’re happy to help you reach Cloud 8 whenever you need to.

Quality hemp-infusions for every occasion

Cloud 8 has a collection of convenient and effective ways for you to add hemp extracts to your daily routine. Our products are tailored to you, offering a variety of options to meet your everyday needs. No matter the time or place, Cloud 8 has something to help you reach your own Cloud 8.

Whether you’re elevating your drink with our beverage enhancers or craving a sweet snack, we’ve got you covered. Every product is developed with lab-tested extracts from hemp plants grown exclusively in the USA.

Every Cloud 8 product comes with a guarantee that you’re consuming safe, consistent, hemp-based products.

Healthy alternatives for a stress-free life

Relieving stress doesn’t have to come at the expense of your health. Our hemp-based products are tested for both potency and consistency, promising a reliable experience every time. Hemp extracts are becoming a common substitute for alcohol, tobacco, and pills.

Next time you need to de-stress, reach for a Cloud 8 product. Your mind and body will thank you.